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Friday, November 2, 2012


Supplies needed:

I am using the amazing art from Bonnies Creations for this tutorial, which you can find here

Scrapkit: I am using an beautiful kit from Eclipse Creations called "My Secret Garden" which you can get by going here

Yezmask 070 here

Plugins used: Xero-Radiance, Lokas 3D Shadow

This tutorial is written for those who have working knowledge of PSPX2 (any version will do).

This tutorial was written by me on November 2, 2012. Please do not copy or paste on any other forum, website or blog provide link back to tut only. Please do not claim as your own. This tutorial is copyrighted to me. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Ok - let's start and remember to save often.

Open up a 750 x 650 blank canvas (we can resize it later)

Select EC_MSG_Window element

Paste in the center of the canvas

Select your magic wand and click in the center of your Window (Add (Shift), RGB Value, Tolerance 10, Contiguous checked, Feather 0)

Selections, Modify, Expand by 5

Paste paper EC_MSG_P4

Select invert, delete, select none

Select EC_MSG_Sign element - resize by 65%

Paste and position on left side of window element

Select EC_MSG_Log element - resize by 75%

Paste and position on the right side of window frame

Select EC_MSG_umbrella element

Paste and position on top of log element

Select EC_MSG_Light2 element - resize by 50%

Paste and position on top of log element

Select EC_MSG_Mushroom3 element

Paste and position on the right side of window frame

Copy and paste tube of choice and position where desired

Apply Xero Radiance at setting of choice

Apply Lokas 3D Shadow at default settings

Select EC_MSG_Grass

Paste and reposition on the bottom

Move to the bottom layer

Select New raster layer and flood fill with color or gradient of choice

Move layer to the bottom of the template

Apply Mask 70

Merge group and move to the bottom

Add any additional elements you like.

Add any dropshadows you like

Crop and resize as desired

Add copyright info, license number and name

You're done! Thanks for trying my tutorial!


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